Health Fairs

Employee health fairs are an excellent benefit for an employer to provide for its employees, and in many cases can result in improved health insurance rates. We will come on site and tailor your health fair, depending on how thorough you want it an how much you want to spend. We offer vital sign checks (height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate), body fat analysis, vision screening, hearing screening, blood analysis (as detailed or as limited as you want-typically includes lipid panel, metabolic panel and prostate check for men), bone density evaluation for osteoporosis, and medical education. We can also include a hands on physical exam if needed, and can arrange for mammography or cardiac stress testing upon request.


Medical/Safety Education

Most employers are required by OSHA and/or their insurance companies to educate their employees on a number of health-related subjects. We can offer training on any health issue for your employees, including blood-borne pathogens, hearing protection, cancer screening, back injury prevention, and body mechanics to name a few. We also provide training in First Aid (first responders) and CPR and can provide certifications for your employees in these areas.