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Types of Physical Exams

Pre-Placement Exams:

Employee EvaluationEmployers may require that a physical examination be performed on potential employees to ensure their physical ability to perform the work to be done and that there are no health problems that could pose a potential problem or safety issue in the workplace.

We perform a thorough physical evaluation, including a comprehensive medical history, vision screen, dipstick urinalysis, blood pressure check and hands on physical examination. We also offer a weight-lifting screen for those employers who have a lifting requirement. We can further tailor the evaluation to any specific needs the employer may have.

DOT Driver Physicals:

The Department of Transportation requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles to undergo a medical evaluation at least every 2 years and in some cases more frequently. We are very knowledgeable of the DOT medical requirements for drivers, and have all of the proper forms to keep you in compliance.

Sports Physicals:

Schools and colleges require medical evaluations of students prior to participation in many extracurricular activities. We provide these evaluations at a reasonable cost.

Return-To-Work Exams:

Many employers require that an employee be evaluated by a physician and "cleared" to return to work following an illness, injury or other extended period of absence. Just as with the pre-placement exams, we can tailor these evaluations to meet the specific needs and requirements of the employer.

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